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Solar Grid USA and the Benifits of Owning Sustainable Solar Energy

Solar Grid USA was Awarded by Solar Power World as Top 500 Solar installers and License Contractor.

Solar Grid USA  is Partnered with California First, YGrene, and The Hero Program. 100% Of Your Solar Installation Project Cost is Covered.

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solar energy company


How Solar Panels Turn Sunlight Into Electricity.

If you’ve ever wondered how those solar panels collect sunlight and convert them to electricity, this video will give you a basic explanation of it work.


History of Solar Energy Technology

Here’s a basic explanation about the history of solar technology as a source of renewable energy.


Benefits of Owning Solar
  1. 26% Investment Tax credit, expires 12/31/2020
  2. Tax Deductible Depreciation Expense (especially for Commercial Properties)
  3. Property Tax Savings, interest is tax deductible
  4. May Eliminate and/or reduce monthly electric bills
  5. First payment is due between 6 to 18 months after installation of solar (PACE). For Unsecure financing, payment start 60 days after installation.
  6. Solar Payment is Tacked-in to Property Tax (PACE) 
  7. May Increase the value of your house, up to 20 times of yearly electric bills.
  8. Solar maybe transferable to new homeowner
  9. Hedge against increasing electricity cost, 6% average annual increase.
  10. 25-Yr Manufacturer Warranty on Panel, 10-Yr on Inverter and 10-Yr on Workmanship
  11. Earn Energy Credits for Future Demand

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Our Goal is to Provide Sustainable Energy and Quality Service.

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